You know what it takes to be a professional tree removal service and have been trying to build and grow your business for years, but every new year there’s a new competitor that just bought a pickup and chainsaw and started calling himself a tree service company. He’s starts low-balling every job, under-bidding competitors and steals potential customers from you. It’s a frustration repeated every season and it’s getting harder to compete because any body can call themselves a tree company nowadays by buying some equipment.

The rise of any of these low-balling, under-bidding companies only means it’s your opportunity to shine as a reputable, professional tree removal service. Though these start up tree companies may be hurting the industries reputation by cutting corners and over promising on results, they’ll never have a problem taking the customers money and moving on. After all, their only concern is getting paid for a days work, not the long-term relationship potential with customer. The good news is that there is something you can do about it.

In the tree industry, there are numerous ways to gain additional knowledge or training and become certified with proper credentials. And by taking part in these additional training or certifications is one way to separate your business from the competition.

What It Takes To Be A Professional Tree Removal ServiceAs a reputable business who cares about its reputation, you’ve put in the time and money to earn these certifications plus invested in insurance all while thinking long term growth and success of your company. Unlike the other players in this field who don’t bother with insurance or don’t invest in themselves as a company to learn more to be able to provide better service. If you show the consumer you invested in insurance, safety training, certifications, business development, branding your tree service company, building your reputation and that you operate safe equipment, then you’ve more than leveled the playing field against your competition.

Think about this, is your competitor going to invest the time and money in training to become an arborist? Will they even bother to join the Tree Care Industry Association or attend their seminars? Are they fully insured? Do they have five stars next to their names when someone Google’s their company. Most likely not. You can almost bet they aren’t thinking long term lifetime value of the customer, they’re probably only thinking about showing up and getting paid for the day.

With any certification you earn or extra training you have you’ll position yourself as an industry leader, and expert in the field and you’ll be able to command a better price and close more customers.  The more education, the more training, the more credentials you have and the more you market and display them, the more you are going to set yourself apart from your competitor. This shows the consumer you’ve invested the time, the money and training to properly handle the job, safely and professionally.

The consumer is not always obsessed with the lowest price service provider.  If you’re marketing and selling your tree services correctly, then cost will not be a concern with your customers. What is a concern is whether the job is done safely, correctly, with quality results the first time. After all, taking down a tree is a lot more involved than just taking down a tree, people’s can be hurt, maimed or killed and property and equipment can all be damaged with one mistake.

Homeowners will spend money if they know you’re a reputable company and the work will be done with quality standards. An you’ll know you’ve done your job right when you’ve educated the consumer about why a quality job done right is more important than just a low price.