Tree Services in Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware Counties in Pa and New Castle Counties in Delaware

There are several advertisements for tree removal companies in Bucks County — but what if your problem tree is one you don’t want to see taken away? That’s when you need to turn to an arborist — that’s the technical term for someone who offers tree services. In Pa and De, many (but not all) of the tree removal crews have at least one arborist who can help you with non-removal tree issues. For example…



Planting — New or Pre-Raised:

If you’re looking at your property and feel like perhaps there should be a tree right there, the tree services in Pa are the right folks to call. It’s all but impossible to have a genuine old-growth tree put into an existing landscape, but they’ll be able to suggest a fast-growing and beautiful tree that will grow into its own swiftly. Some trees can even be transplanted after several years of growing elsewhere, so you can start with a strong, 10-15 ft. tall tree to call your own.

Tree Replacement:

Many municipalities and some counties and states have laws in place that require every tree removed to make space for a commercial or residential development to be replaced by the planting of a new tree elsewhere nearby. tree services make it their business to know how to do that replacement planting swiftly, inexpensively, and according to the dictates of the relevant laws. They can offer you a consultation, or for an additional fee they’ll do the planting themselves.

Bush/Hedge Sculpting:

Bushes, hedges, and other larger, woodier plants tend to exist in a borderland between the realm of the arborist and the master gardener. Some of each group will be comfortable addressing them, others won’t. Ask around Pennsylvania and Delaware, and you’ll find a few tree services that are willing and able to come out and help deal with an overgrown, diseased, or otherwise attention-demanding bush or shrub.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to PA and DE tree services than just removing the trees that are no longer desirable. Any time there’s a tree that isn’t perfect for your needs, there’s someone who can help. Just give them a call at 888.918.6745!

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